How the company started

  -The company originated from necessity out of Columbus Ohio. The owner, Robert Morock had just came home after serving 10 years in the US Army. During the summer of 2013 he received a call to work at Manheim Auto Auction on Jackson Pike in Columbus Ohio. He was put in charge of running a power washing crew. Their responsibilities were to wash over 1,000 in 3 days prior to the sale days. The company he worked for at the time was call Auto Reflections. 

   -Only working for a few days a week, several of his crew members asked him if there was any way they could make some extra money. Robert set out to find detail work for his crew. Work was slow at first, but enough to collect some extra cash. In October 2013, Auto reflections lost its contract with Manheim. Robert purchased the power washing trailer and gained his first contract working with Shafer Auto Group. After doing lot spraying and mobile detailing for several years with multiple car lots with only a pickup truck and trailer in surrounding areas of Columbus, Prime Time Specialty Services bought their first box truck August of 2017. March of 2018 Prime Time Specialty Services opened its doors to the public with its first Brick and Mortar building. Customers now have the option to drop their vehicles off for service or utilize the mobile service to come to their home or work place.

The term "As If"

What does the term "As If" mean? It simply means that every job completed is to be treated "As If" the house, job, vehicle, anything belongs to the most important person in your life. It means to treat every job with the utmost quality and professionalism. 

Chemical Colors and what they are used for

 -Orange: Citrus De-greaser. Used for breaking down the dirt and gunk built up whether it is on the engine of a car, the dash/console areas and can even be used on houses

 -White: Shine All is used to shine the interior of a vehicle. Spray it on a clean sponge and apply evenly. DO NOT use on floor mats or pedals.

 -Dark Blue: Super Blue is the tire dressing for on the vehicles. This is a silicon based product which means it will last longer during rainy days and won't run. It can also be used on dark trim around the vehicle. DO NOT use on running boards, interior floor mats, floor pedals, or steering wheel as this chemical is VERY slippery and can cause injury to the customer. Use a sponge to apply evenly. DO NOT mix shine all sponge and Super Blue sponge.

 -Green: Glass Cleaner (Soon will be changing to a light blue color)

 - Clear: Wheel bright is used on the rims of vehicles to brighten the chrome. Simply spray it on and power wash it off. Some times a piece of steel wool or a steel wool brush may be required. Be extra careful with using this material. It produces a strong odor causing shortness of breath and can burn severely if it finds its way into a cut. Be careful not to get it in your eyes!

 -Yellow: Hawaiian Shine is a spray on wax we use after the vehicle has been washed. It is important to allow the wax to dry. After it has dried, take a damp and dry rag and buff out all swirls and marks. Be especially careful with darker cars as they are more difficult to buff. Also remember, the more wax you use, the more you have to buff. Spraying wax on windows will not hurt the windows and can form a barrier for water to glide off the surface of the vehicle. Do not put on windshields until after the window has been completely cleaned. After putting on windshields, it is VERY important to ensure it is applied evenly and not smeared to obstruct the drivers vision


We use several different types of brushes when we detail. Below are a list of brushes and what their intended purpose is.

White tipped brushes: These brushes are used to scrub carpets after shampooing them. Always remember: Saturate a stain (with degreaser, carpet shampoo or combination of both for difficult stains), Agitate the stain by scrubbing vigorously with a brush, Wipe or Remove the excess dirt that is brought to the surface with a microfiber towel. The use of the microfiber towel is because microfiber towels have little "Fingers" capable of grabbing dirt more effectively than regular towels. NEVER scrub leather seats in this fashion. The use of Leather Conditioning and Cleaner with a microfiber will almost always take care of the situation. Some upper body violence may be required.

Black Tipped brushes: These brushes are typically used for adding the final touches on cleaned floorboards and upholstery with our "Stripes" to give a more professional appearance and indications of a final product.

Dog Hair brush/Brick: These two items are to be used in conjunction with the vacuum to remove animal hair. Sometimes this process is tedious so that is why we charge extra for animal hair removal.

Steelwool/Steel tip brushes: This brushes and the steel wool are to be used with care for multiple areas such as rims to remove stuck on brake dust that did not come off during the initial wash or around some door jams that might be highly affected with rust. It is important to keep in mind that these WILL remove paint and coating if too much force is used.

Copper tipped brushes: These brushes can generally be used on the hard vinyl found in vehicles to remove dirt and grime that has been ground in overtime. Much like the steel wool, it is important to remember that these brushes too can remove coating and paint, so exercise extreme caution when using. Always remember to keep lubrication such as quick detailer or degreaser rather than trying to clean it with only the brush.

Detailing Order by Steps

Always start work from top down

  • Step 1: Wash and Dry 

    • Engine first if applicable

  • Step 2: Wax the Vehicle

  • Step 3: Exterior Detail

  • Step 4: Interior Detail

After you believe you have finished detailing a vehicle, power washing a house, sidewalk or business. ALWAYS go back and check for missed areas. Correct as needed. Use your team mate to get a fresh set of eyes and talk to each other if missed areas. Remember that a team mate is there to help you and do not take it personal if they point out something you miss. They are only trying to help you become a better detailer. Team members must exercise both compassion AND understanding when critiquing each others work. At the end of the day, it matters most what the customer thinks.

Admin Policies

No Drug or Alcohol use on site or during operating hours will be tolerated. Since we are a mobile business and can get a call at any time, it is important that all personnel be ready at a moments notice and present a professional appearance at all times.

No Call No Shows are a fast way to destroy a team. As members of a crew or team it is important to communicate effectively to your team members and team leader. If nobody is capable of getting in touch with you then how can they rely on you? Simply put, everyone is entitled to an incident where they may or may not be able to reach a phone. It is every team members responsibility to contact their team leader as soon as possible. The 2nd time you achieve a No Call No Show will result in immediate termination and forfeiture of pay.


What does the company Logo mean?

 -It means that we pay attention to every little detail. As detailers, we don't just clean the dirt we see but we intentionally look for the dirt you can not see.

Customer Service Complaints

 -Customer complaints are a double edged sword. On one hand tell tell us what we are doing wrong. On the other hand they show we are not as professional as we claim to be. Luckily enough our process and buddy checks keep us from making minor errors while maintaining our professionalism and appearance. That being said, If you receive 2 or more customer complaints in a 12 month period there will be an automatic termination. Quality above Quantity is always the best policy for a detailer.


-Normally there is no punishment for smoking while on the premises of Prime Time Specialty Services. However, If there becomes a problem with vehicles taking too long to get done because of too many smoke breaks then management may implement a policy where you will clock out before taking a smoke break and if found to be on the clock or while a vehicle is being worked on then you could end up losing points, being docked pay or lose smoking privileges all together.It is upto you to ensure you keep them or not.

Nozzle Selection

There are two factors that need to be considered when choosing the proper nozzle: the nozzle orifice size and the spray angle. These determine  the gallons per minute at a particular pressure of the water flow. To determine a nozzle size you need to know the GPM (gallons per minute) and PSI (pounds per square) necessary for the job you are doing. 

When the nozzle size increases, the psi of your pressure washer is reduced while the flow remains the same. By reducing the pressure of your washer with the unloader, you will decrease both the psi and gpm. Knowledgeable contractors reduce the psi of their pressure washers by increasing nozzle size in order to keep the gpm at its maximum.

Choices for spray angle range from zero to 65-degrees. 25-degree angles fit the natural wash pattern of most contract cleaners. However, many contract cleaners prefer a 40-degree spray angle because they can hold the nozzle closer to the surface, obtaining the same width of contact, while at the same time delivering greater impact pressure and higher temperature at the point of contact. It is necessary to keep the nozzle a consistent distance from the surface.


40 - White (Only acceptable for vehicles)

Used for cleaning a large area fast. Usually good for cleaning surfaces such as aluminum siding and vehicles.

25 - Green

Most commonly used for flushing dirt from sidewalks, metal furniture, and other surfaces, as well as sweeping wet leaves.

15 - Yellow (Not for use on vehicles)

Known as the chiseling nozzle, Can strip paint, grease, and grime from hard surfaces, as well as dirt and debris from sidewalks.

0 - Red (Not for use on vehicles)

Called the cutting nozzle, Good for eliminating stubborn stains and dirt from concrete. Will cut into the surface the most, commonly used on cement.

Chemical Injector Tip (May be used for engines until trainee is comfortable to use a white tip)

The chemical injector tip, also known as the soap nozzle, is the pressure washer nozzle that is used when applying any form of chemical onto the surface that runs through your washer. This nozzle has a slightly larger orifice than normal washer tips, which decreases the pressure in the pump. This decrease in pressure allows for the chemical injector to kick in, drawing the cleaning solution into the pump from the container.

This tip is great for use of washing the engine of a vehicle with delicate parts and connections of wires


Buffing can make a vehicle look amazing or destroy the very clear coat protecting the paint on the car you are using if the detailer is not familiar with how the process works. Please watch the following video to get a better idea of proper techniques of when to use what type of process.

It is important to remember that when detailing a customers car who has opted for the "Premier Package" after the first initial wash, we will then apply "Decon" to the entire vehicle, let it sit out of the sun for about 5 minutes, then wash off and dry before buffing. After buffing for a "Premier package only" we will apply a spray on wax and finally apply "Top Coat F-11" with a microfiber towel as a protectant. A 2oz bottle will typically do an entire vehicle so do not use in excess because this chemical is VERY expensive. 

We use upto a 3 step process depending on the package chosen by the customer. When buffing,

     -Step 1: Cut (Orange Pad)

     -Step 2: Polish (Black pad)

     -Step 3: Finish (Finishing Pad) **Currently do not offer this step yet**

Do not feel worried about remembering the steps, the compounds we use literally tell you what step you are doing and make it easy to easily spot

U-haul Training

Uhaul University

Login: kk048494

PW: Buckeye1

Click on New Dealer Required Courses US (1st row, 3rd to the right)

Watch all videos and take all quizzes to familiarize yourself with how to properly conduct a U-Haul reservation, hookup and payments. Ask your supervisor if you have any questions.



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